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Welcome to Body Shop Miami, Our auto body shop has many of testimonials and feedback ratings so you don’t have to take any chances getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. Your safety is our number one concern and our auto body shops & collision repair experts never compromise the quality of their work.
We at Body Shop Miami are a family owned and operated consumer driven company committed to providing quality, safe collision repairs, outstanding service and customer care with pride, honesty and the utmost integrity.  It does make a difference who repairs your collision damaged vehicle… and let me tell you why. When you need collision repairs, the safety of you and your family all depends on the choices you make.
Call Body Shop Miami For Stress Free Assistance

Here at Body Shop Miami we work hard to minimize our customers walk through the stages of having their vehicle fixed after any collision, or when they are looking to have an older car looking better. We provide the highest level of customer service in South Florida, and our customers ability to have a stress free experience is our number one priority. Body Shop Miami has a team of technicians, professional body-work craftsman, expert painters, and mechanics. With this team of highly trained individuals, Body Shop Miami can have your vehicle looking, running and performing like new in as short a time as possible at the best prices for collision repair in the area.

We are a full service auto body shop, and we take care of all vehicles both domestic and foreign. After an accident you may not know what to do, but here at Body Shop Miami we do.

100% Customer Satisfaction
Body Shop Miami believes that providing the services our customers need, can be the best way to provide them with a result they want, one step at a time. Our customer service includes:
  • 24 Hour Answering Service Prepared to answer all questions
  • Damage Estimate Appointments
  • Towing Service
  • Help With Police Report Requirements
  • Help With Insurance Claims
  • Help With Car Rental Service
Body Shop Miami understands that in most cases, our customers will be dealing with a process that is new to them. Trying to figure out just what is needed can add to the stress of having any type of accident, and Body Shop Miami is here to help our customers find their way from the point of the accident to driving home their vehicle looking as good as it was before the accident.
Our technicians have all undergone the rigorous requirements required to become ASC and I-Car Certified. With the highly detailed training provided by the two best national training centers, coupled with their hands-on experience, Body Shop Miami technicians can take your vehicle through every stage of the repair process, test each stage for performance and appearance and deliver a finished product that is going to make our customers happy.
What It takes To Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road
  • In order to begin any repair that involves your insurance company, Body Shop Miami will submit a written estimate to your insurance company, and as soon as we receive the repair authorization, we will begin the process of restoring your vehicle. This can be taken care of by our office, and relieve the stress this often places on the unwary customer.
  • Body Shop Miami technicians will inspect your vehicle, and any mechanical damage will be repaired in order to ensure your vehicle is mobile before the body work process begins. Our mechanics are experienced and know exactly what it takes to repair a new model vehicle or an older one. We have the equipment, tools and products needed to perform most repairs, and Body Shop Miami will always take care of your vehicle as if it were one of our own.
  • Once we have your vehicle mobile, Body Shop Miami technicians will begin the process of repairing the body damage. First we ensure there is no damage to the frame. If there is, all damage is restored to meet factory specifications for your vehicle.
  • Body Shop Miami then begins the process of removing all body damage from the structural body, including dents, major damage, and slight damage. Then your vehicle is sent to the paint department.
  • With our cutting edge paint matching system, our expert painters can match perfectly the original factory finish of your vehicle.
  • When Body Shop Miami pulls the last piece of masking off your vehicle, we put it all together and then we put your vehicle through the most stringent inspection it has ever undergone since it rolled off the assembly line. The Body Shop Miami Quality Control Department is one of the best in the state, and never overlooks a single detail, and they have the final say as to the finished work on your vehicle. Then and only then, are we finished
  • Body Shop Miami call you to pick up your vehicle. At that time you can see for yourself why our company is ranked number one in South Florida.
  • Customer satisfaction is our reason for providing the highest quality workmanship, for the best rates in Miami. Just call Body Shop Miami, and let us help you restore your vehicle after any accident or collision.